Inter at 460 Rue Racine Est, Chicoutimi, Saguenay, Quebec G7H 1T5

Full information about Establishment and food Inter at 460 Rue Racine Est, Chicoutimi, Saguenay, Quebec G7H 1T5


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+1 418-690-5129

460 Rue Racine Est, Chicoutimi, Saguenay, Quebec G7H 1T5
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  • Steven Brodie
    ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
    Used to go often in the past and was never disappointed neither with the food, nor with the service. I went this week and was still impressed by the friendly efficient service; however, the quality of the food has, in my opinion, gone drastically downhill. I ate "moules et frites" and though it was served well and with a smile, the mussels were rubbery and a bit tasteless. I didn't have much confidence in the freshness ans was a bit afraid of falling ill later on. The people with me chose natchos which turned out to be a complete disaster. The natchos arrived covered in some kind of artificial orangy creamy stuff, they dared to call cheese. The two girls sharing the natchos weren't too keen on eating it and the waitress was uncomfortable with our questions. She even said that she would never make them that way. Unfortunately, the girls felt obliged to eat it, because the were hungry. However, several hours later, both girls were ill and one spent the whole night on the toilet which continued well into the next day. I spoke with people I knew who had been at the restaurant at the same time and they too were very disappointed in how the quality had degenerated and, like us, will never return.
    Très decevant, a déjà été un bon resto, la qualité de la nourriture a vraiment dégéneré depuis quelques années. Deux personnes avec moi, qui ont partagé des natchos ont été malades, probablement dû au fromage fondant artificiel dégueulasse. La serveuse avait l'air mal à l'aise avec nos commentaires car elle ne pouvait rien faire. Des connaissances assises ailleurs dans la salle ont été très déçues aussi et ne pensent pas retourner. Nous, non plus. Dommage ça a déjà été bon :(
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Restaurant Inter

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